Map Gallery of Eastern Europe


  1. General Reference Maps
  2. Thematic Maps
  3. Historical Maps

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1. General Reference Maps

Eastern Europe

Political Map of Eastern Europe

This scanned political map of Eastern Europe from 1993 indicates the traditional limits of Eastern Europe. 

Relief Map of Eastern Europe

This scanned relief map of Eastern Europe from 1984 focuses on the former Eastern Bloc countries. It is rather clear and pretty easy to read, although the borders are outdated. 

2. Thematic Maps


Ethnic Groups of Eastern Europe

This is a very good map showing the Ethnic Groups of Eastern Europe.  It clearly shows the distribution of the majority and minority groups.

Romani (Gypsie) Populations

This map suffers from poor image quality. The text boxes with leaders could be replaced with something a little more creative and visually interesting.


UN Peacekeeping Missions

This links you to the United Nations map site, with some excellent pdf maps of peacekeeping missions in Kossovo and the Former Yugoslavia, as well as various other United Nations activities.


World Bank ECA Region

This is a rather poor map. It appears to be computer generated with software that was lacking a few features, or a conversion of file types that lost a lot. The use of bright colors makes the divisions overly clear to the point of being obnoxious. The fonts are rather boring, and not very legible. The meaning of this map is only clear to a specific audience.



This map and tables present a lot of information. The map is a bit crowded, but is still readable.


Major Power Facilities

This power distribution map is from 1980.  The resolution of this scan is not very good, so the symbols are difficult to read. 

Major Gas Facilities

This gas distribution map shares the same problems as the electrical distribution map.  However, this map is less crowded, making it easier to read.

Nuclear Power Facilities

This map is very blurry due to a poor quality scan. Also, to understand the legend, you have to know what the terminology means. However, in its original form, it is probably useful to its intended audience.

3. Historical Maps

Eastern Europe History

Eastern Europe, c. 1346

The maps in this series are a little bit different from the usual, making them a little more interesting.

Spread of the Black Death

This map really stands out because of its great use of color.

Central and Eastern Europe, c. 1378

This is a series of very attractive maps. They are very clear and easy to understand, with a good legend. The colors are well chosen and the text is legible, even though it is small in some places. The colors and text sizes clearly emphasize the major features the map intends to illustrate.

Eastern Europe, c. 1490

Ottoman Empire in Eastern Europe

Europe, c. 1648

European Alliances 1914

Europe Between the World Wars

Soviet Territory in Eastern Europe

Europe Follwing WWII

Events in Eastern Europe, 1989-1990

This map drawn from an unusual perspective gives the feeling that the East is moving to the West, a symbol of it's subject.

The Former Yugoslavia

Political Map (1995)

This is a good political map of the former Yugoslavia in 1995, although it does'nt show the entire country. By comparing it with the map below, you can see the effects of the secession of Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzogovina. 

Political Map (1996)

This is a nice political map of the former Yugoslavia in 1996.  This map also shows the creation of "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia."  The use of color on these maps clearly shows how the formerly unified states are now seperated.

Submitted by: Gary E Oldenburger

On 31 January 2001

A selection of maps created for Geography 3530: Introduction to Cartography at the University of Nebraska at Omaha